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Are a lot of the videos muted for a reason? I can't get the sound to work even if i expand to full screen and click on the microphone icon. These are a few that would not work:
January 15, 2014 | Login to Respond
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Ben Says:
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We started re-filming workouts last year in our own studio with full audio instruction. There are only currently about 20 individual workout routines and a couple of multi-day training programs that include full audio.

All of the other, older workout videos don't have any sound.. they were originally meant to be used as a reference while in the gym.

I am filming new content every week and will slowly be replacing the old "muted" workouts with new, high def audio workouts.

Please be patient... I should have all of the old workouts replaced with full audio by the end of this year and will be releasing new content every month as well.
January 16, 2014