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Whats a good program to get a faster 100, 200, 400 metre time?
July 04, 2013 | Login to Respond
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Ben Says:
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Find a track and start doing some sprinting intervals!!

You can also get faster by working on some different "explosive" plyometric exercises like high box jumps, max vertical jumps, jump squats, and bounding. Check out the YouTube clip below:


Something else you might want to try is a "Litvinov" workout which is named after Russian track and field athlete, Sergey Litvinov. In this workout, you do a set of squats (or another big compound movement) for reps then run like hell for a specific distance (100, 200, 400M). And then rest and repeat another few times. I'd suggest you do goblet squats using a dumbbell or kettlebell if you can find one!


And here's an article that explains the workout and some variations in much better detail.


Good luck and let me know how it goes!
July 05, 2013