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I am 6'3 190 and looking to add a bit more bulk to my chest and arms while trimming a little bit of belly fat and becoming more toned. I have started the following program

Day 1: Get Ripped
Day 2: The Skinny Guy Workout
Day 3: Yoga
Day 4: Get Ripped
Day 5: Skinny Guy Workout
Day 6: Shoulders and arms
Day 7: Light Jog/Rest

Doest this look good? Should I go for a little more variety on Days 4 and 5? Looking for suggestions.
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Ben Says:
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That weekly split looks pretty good. Try it out for a few weeks and see how you feel.

And no.. you don't want too much variety. You want to mix up your workouts between strength training and conditioning (which you are with the 2 different workouts) but you also want to keep the workouts fairly consistent in volume and with the exercises that you are performing.

I just started a strength program that has me squatting 3x per week. It's not incredibly exciting.. but it's very effective!

Again, do it for a few weeks and then switch it up, swap out some of the exercises in each of the workouts or build your own custom workouts using the workout builder.
January 07, 2014