Fitness Terms - E

Fitness Glossary - E Terms


Easy Set
Exercise not close to maximum effort, as in a warm-up.

Eccentric Contraction
Muscle lengthens while maintaining tension.

Capable of conducting electricity in a solution. Used in many body activities, potassium, sodium and chloride are all forms of electrolytes.

Emotional Storm
A traumatic emotional experience that is likely to effect the human organism physiologically.

Naturally occurring body productions.

Ability of a muscle to produce force continually over a period of time.

Helpful protein molecules, responsible for a multitude of chemical reactions within the body.

Something that can increase muscular work capacity.

EFA's Essential Fatty Acids
Required by the body, however only obtainable from food sources, such as flaxseed oil and safflower oil.

Activity done for the purpose of keeping fit and healthy, or sociable in a group form like football.

Body part (i.e. hand, neck, trunk, etc.) going from a bent to a straight position, as in leg extension.