Fitness Terms - H

Fitness Glossary - H Terms


Hand Off
Assistance in getting a weight to starting position for an exercise.

Hard Set
Perform a prescribed number of repetitions of an exercise using maximum effort.

Health and Wellness Promotion
Altering lifestyles and environmental factors with the intent of improving quality of life.

High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)
A blood substance that picks up cholesterol and helps remove it from the body;  often called “GOOD CHOLESTEROL.”

Regulators of various biological processes through their ability to control the action of enzymes. Made from proteins, such as insulin for blood sugar control, or cholesterol for testosterone control.

Hyper kinetic Condition
A disease/illness or health condition caused or contributed by excessive exercise.

High blood pressure.

Increase in size of muscle fibre.

A common occurrence in diabetics, this is low blood sugar levels, resulting in anxiety fatigue and a number of other conditions including coma and death.