Fitness Terms - O

Fitness Glossary - O Terms


Abbreviation for external oblique's, the muscles to either side of abdominal's that rotate and flex the trunk.

Odd Lifts
Exercises used in competition other than snatch and clean and jerk, such as squats, bench presses, and barbell curls.

Female sex hormone.

Olympic Lifts
Two movements used in national and international Olympic competitions: the SNATCH and the CLEAN and JERK.

Olympic Set
High quality, precision made set of weights used for competition. The bar is approximately 7' long. All moving parts have either brass bushings or bearings. Plates are machined for accurate weight.

Onion Skin
Slang denoting skin with very low percentage of subcutaneous fat, which helps to accentuate muscularity.

Overload Principle
Applying a greater load than normal to a muscle to increase its capability.