Kettlebell Alternating Leg Drops

Beginner Level of Difficulty

The kettlebell alternating leg drops exercise targets the abs and is suitable for all fitness levels.


Picture of Abdominals


The abdominal muscles (abs) provide movement and support to your core area. The deeper and closer to the spine the particular abdominal muscle is, the more effect over body posture it will have, and this often contributes significantly to a healthy back.

Exercise Instructions

kettlebell alternating leg drops - step 1

Step 1

Start on your back holding a kettlebell in both hands over your chest and both legs raised to 90 degrees.

kettlebell alternating leg drops - step 2

Step 2

Lower one leg down to the floor and keep the kettlebell steady over your chest.

kettlebell alternating leg drops - step 3

Step 3

Raise your leg back up just before your heel touches the floor and repeat on the other side.