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Beginner Lower Body and Core

This is a beginner level workout that focuses on the lower body and core.

Rating (8.0) | 1 Reviews | 1882 Views

Beginner Exercise Ball Workout

This is a beginner workout that incorporates the exercise ball. This workout is suitable for any fitness level.

Rating (9.0) | 1 Reviews | 6190 Views

Gym Machine Workout

This is a beginner workout that uses a variety of different machines to target all of the major muscle groups. This workout is best suited for beginner fitness levels, people that are new to exercise and those just getting started on a new fitness program.

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Exercise Icon Side Knee Drops exercise
Learned exercise Side Knee Drops     Saturday at 7:56 PM
Exercise Icon Bicycle Abs exercise
Learned exercise Bicycle Abs     Saturday at 7:48 PM
Exercise Icon Shoulder Raise on Bosu exercise
Learned exercise Shoulder Raise on Bosu     Saturday at 7:31 PM
Exercise Icon Vertical Jump exercise
Learned exercise Vertical Jump     Saturday at 4:10 PM
Exercise Icon Cross Over Crunch exercise
Learned exercise Cross Over Crunch     Thursday at 7:25 PM
Exercise Icon Walk-Out Plank-Up exercise
Learned exercise Walk-Out Plank-Up     Thursday at 7:25 PM
Exercise Icon Beach Bodyweight Squat exercise
Learned exercise Beach Bodyweight Squat     Thursday at 7:02 PM
Exercise Icon Side Plank Twist exercise
Learned exercise Side Plank Twist     Thursday at 6:53 PM
Exercise Icon Hip Mobility Stretch exercise
Learned exercise Hip Mobility Stretch     Thursday at 6:45 PM
Exercise Icon Sit Squat on Bench exercise
Learned exercise Sit Squat on Bench     Thursday at 6:38 PM