Outdoor Walk-Out Cobra

Beginner Level of Difficulty

The walk-out cobra is a beginner level mobility exercise that helps open up the hip flexors and warm-up your hamstrings and back.


Picture of Hamstrings


The hamstrings play a crucial role in many daily activities, such as, running, jumping, walking and cycling. Strengthening your hamstring muscles help to protect your knees from injury by absorbing the stress placed on the knee. Weak hamstrings can lead to knee injury.

Picture of Back (lower)

Back (lower)

The lower back is often not trained because it is not visible in the mirror. If you have weak lower back muscles, there is nothing to help pull back against the spine, putting you at risk of developing poor posture (hunched over). Weak lower back muscles can also lead to lower back pain.

Exercise Instructions

outdoor walk-out cobra - step 1

Step 1

Start in a standing position with your feet about shoulder width apart and your hands over your head.

outdoor walk-out cobra - step 2

Step 2

Bend forward at your hips and try to stretch your hamstrings as you reach towards the ground.

outdoor walk-out cobra - step 3

Step 3

Walk out into a modified push-up position, drop your hips and pull your chest up and try to feel a stretch in your hip flexors.