Shoulder Rolls on Stability Ball

Intermediate Level of Difficulty

The shoulder roll on the stability ball is an intermediate core exercise. This is a great exercise to warm-up with as it really hits the shoulders and abdominals.


Picture of Abdominals


The abdominal muscles (abs) provide movement and support to your core area. The deeper and closer to the spine the particular abdominal muscle is, the more effect over body posture it will have, and this often contributes significantly to a healthy back.

Exercise Instructions

shoulder rolls on stability ball - step 1

Step 1

Start in a plank position on the stability ball. Have you feet about shoulder width apart, make sure your hips are toucked in and that you maintain a neutral spine throughout the exercise.

shoulder rolls on stability ball - step 2

Step 2

Start by forming small circles with your elbows and slowly widen out the circles as your core becomes stronger and you become more comfortable with the exercise.

shoulder rolls on stability ball - step 3

Step 3

Complete ten circles in one direction and then stop and repaet the same action in the opposite direction.